New Trustee Orientation

Held every other June during our quarterly KACCT Meeting, this orientation is presented to all new community college trustees in Kansas. Transfer of knowledge, awareness of the system and trustee responsibilities and providing resources for future use are the focus. Topics include:

  • Ethical Governance
  • Standards of Good Practice
  • Policy Governance
  • Trustee Roles & Responsibilities
  • New Trustee Orientation
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Trustees’ Legal Duties and Avoiding Liability
  • Nonprofit Conflict of Interest
  • What to do when you really, really disagree with a board decision
  • How to help presidents be successful
  • Kansas Open Meetings Act


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A two day summer retreat for Presidents having three years or less experience as President of a Kansas community college, providing an intensive focus on developing relationships, current local, state and national challenges, emerging trends, and opportunities unique to that position. Topics will include such items as:

  • Networking Within – Board/CEO relationships, other college relationships, mentors, building your own team;
  • External Networking – community, policy leaders, the association, other colleges and universities, business & industry;
  • Structure and Environment of Kansas Higher Education, the Community College system, coordinated versus governed,  KACCT and internal groups, Kansas community college evolution;
  • Financials – Current funding, alternate sources, HLC;
  • Advocacy – how to build strategies and move forward with success; Emerging trends—challenges and opportunities;  Issues & answers

The Academy also provides opportunities for newer presidents to develop mentor-mentee relationships with more seasoned presidents, focusing on immediate challenges and opportunities that these presidents are facing on their campuses.