Just the facts:

19 Colleges. One purpose.

There are 19 community colleges in the state of Kansas. Strategically located throughout the state, we offer different areas of expertise, yet are united in our efforts to provide quality education and opportunity to advance our citizens and communities and encourage economic growth within our state.


  1. Influence public policy through advocacy before all branches of government in Kansas.
  2. Promote public awareness of the mission of community colleges and the important role community colleges play in life-long learning and workforce training in the state of Kansas.
  3. Encourage ethical conduct of community college trustees.
  4. Provide educational opportunities for trustee development and growth.
  5. Find common ground among community colleges in the state of Kansas and foster a sense of unity within the community college system.


To build better futures through cooperation, collaboration and communication in advocating on behalf of community colleges to better serve Kansas constituencies.


Responsive, affordable, accessible and quality learning opportunities.

Guiding Principles:

  1. We support both course and program articulation between community colleges, technical colleges and universities. Every course taken should count.
  2. We support performance based funding pilots that incent agreed upon principles like completion of developmental courses, GED courses and technical certificates, and allow institutional flexibility. Funding should be delivered to the colleges providing the services.
  3. We believe consolidation with other institutions should be driven by local decision makers and respect the tax base.
  4. We support local control of local institutions including the determination of local tax levies.
  5. We support our colleges "shaping" coordination.
  6. Funds for technical education or GED pilots should not be withheld by KBOR for any reason unrelated to the purpose of which it was appropriated, e.g. technical education or GED funding requirements. We believe accountability and goals should be set at the local level by governing trustees.
  7. We support full funding of SB 155 providing technical education for high school students free of tuition and funding for postsecondary technical education students.

To learn more:


Heather Morgan- Executive Director hmorgan@kacct.org 
Julie Halling- Executive Assistant