The Kansas Community College Trustees Association serves as the voice of the Kansas Community College Trustees who are locally elected for each community college.  KACCT leads the Education, Advocacy, Leadership, and Recognition efforts to highlight the outstanding work being done to prepare students for the workforce or to move onto a Bachelors Degree by the Kansas Community College system.  The Kansas Community College system serves over 100,000 students a year and is a critical component in providing a skilled and prepared workforce for the Kansas economy.  

Upcoming KACCT Meeting Dates and Locations


Thursday, March 12th in Topeka (PTK Honors Banquet and Meeting)

Friday, June 5th and Saturday, June 6th at Garden City Community College

Sunday, August 30th and Monday, August 31st at Pratt Community College

Sunday, December 6th and Monday, December 7th at Fort Scott Community College

*All meetings generally begin around 3 pm and end the next day around noon.  The only exception is the meeting held in Topeka to celebrate PTK students.*

KACCT Community College Representatives


Heather Morgan, Executive Director



Julie Halling, Executive Assistant



• 700 SW Jackson, Ste. 1000 • Topeka, KS 66603 • 785.221.2828 • hmorgan@kacct.org

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