Trustee Development

Held during quarterly trustee meetings and available for KACCT Trustees through webinars. These leadership development opportunities will include topics such as:

Trustee development

  • Educational leadership strategies designed for trustees of community colleges
  • Financial management/accounting principles for community college trustees
  • The art of building professional relationships within the community
  • The art of selecting/developing/supporting the college president





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A two day summer retreat for Presidents having three years or less experience as President of a Kansas community college, providing an intensive focus on developing relationships, current local, state and national challenges, emerging trends, and opportunities unique to that position. Topics will include such items as:

  • Networking Within – Board/CEO relationships, other college relationships, mentors, building your own team;
  • External Networking – community, policy leaders, the association, other colleges and universities, business & industry;
  • Structure and Environment of Kansas Higher Education, the Community College system, coordinated versus governed,  KACCT and internal groups, Kansas community college evolution;
  • Financials – Current funding, alternate sources, HLC;
  • Advocacy – how to build strategies and move forward with success; Emerging trends—challenges and opportunities;  Issues & answers

The Academy also provides opportunities for newer presidents to develop mentor-mentee relationships with more seasoned presidents, focusing on immediate challenges and opportunities that these presidents are facing on their campuses.